Monday, 15 April 2013

First kiss..

A few days back, my girlfriends and I were sharing experiences of our first kiss. So, I thought I’d share mine with you too.

My first kiss happened when I was 4 years old with a boy L. We were of the exact same age. I do not really remember anything about it now, but my mom kept this picture of us kissing, so sweet it looked just like it had been cut right out of an Archies card.

As we grow up, everyone who saw the picture used to make fun of it and teased that one day we would eventually get married. As for L, he grew up to be a sweet, awkward kid. Growing up, we were in different schools. He was the shy, quiet kind and I was the one with many friends. I guess he did not come around much anymore. We never became friends after.

One fateful morning, a terrible news flooded our community. L had commited suicide. Rumour has it that he was having some serious problems in school. He was just 14 years old. The news spread like fire. Everyone in school who knew him talked about what a sweet person he was. I did not go to his funeral, but my friend told me that there were more flowers than any funeral she had ever been.

So, even though I do not remember much about him, whenever people talk about first kiss, I’d always tell his name. And whoever other guys who would like to claim the title of being “My first kiss”, I’m afraid they just don’t stand a chance. Thanks to the beautiful boy who left me beautiful memories.


  1. Great post here.. :D
    Sorry to hear such a sad news..

    This line is very romantic or is it? "so sweet it looked just like it had been cut right out of an Archies card."

    1. @ijassdie

      aww,,thank youuuuu!! I'm glad u liked it :-)

    2. I want more.....its just so so short... :) I hope there will be next chapter with longer story like 2nd kiss or something :D

      Tak takah, a ngaihnawm lutuk e, a khawngaihthlak bawk sia.

    3. @U Bee-a,Thank youuu!! next chapter poh ziak le thuai ang :-))

  2. I dont even remember my fist kiss :-(

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  4. So, which one faded? You or the jeans?


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